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Vrijstaande zeer luxe villa met trap naar zee El Campello
El Campello/Alicante
Uniek Appartement direct bij het zandstrand La Cala
Villa Joyosa
Luxe Appartement met Dreamview
Altea Hills
Exclusieve Villa aan Zee met prive Zwembad
El Campello/Alicante


Exclusieve villa direct aan zee, Villajoyosa, Alicante (vr1441)
La Villajoyosa
Exclusieve villa direct aan zee (vr 1322)
El Campello, Alicante
Moderne nieuwbouw villa (vr1414)
Zeezicht appartement in Cala Vadella, Ibiza (ap3100)
Modern eerste lijn appartement Ibiza (ap3101)
Moderne villa's in Marbella (vr1603)
Moderne Villa in Marbella (Vr1600)
Nieuwbouw appartementen Playa Muchavista (ap2183)
El Campello/Alicante
Prachtig penthouse in El Campello (ap2173)
El Campello/Alicante
Nieuwbouw appartementen in El Campello (ap2172)
El Campello/Alicante
Nieuwbouw villa in El Campello (vr1412)
El Campello/Alicante
Ruime villa in Villajoyosa (vr1407)
Vrijstaande woning in Castalla (vr1430)
Woning met appartement in Bonalba (gp3096)
Penthouse met zeezicht in Gandia (ap2176)
Gandia /Valencia
Villa met tennisbaan in Castalla (vr1290)
Top appartement in Villajoyosa (ap2161)
Penthouse appartement in El Campello (ap2178)
El Campello/Alicante
Villa met zeezicht in Monnegre, Alicante (vr1424)
Ruime villa in Muchamiel (vr1382)
Exclusieve Appartement (vr 1404)
Villa Joyosa
Luxe villa in Muchamiel (vr1406)
Karakteristieke villa in Tibi (vr1413)
Moderne villa in Los Montesinos (vr1418)
Prachtige nieuwbouw villa in Marbella (vr1607)
Prachtige moderne villa in Moraira (vr1396)
Bouwpercelen op Ibiza (vr1800)
Luxe Moderne villa in Moraira (vr1411)
Karakteristieke finca op Ibiza (vr1801)
Ruime villa in badplaats Moraira (vr1385)
Stijlvolle villa in El Campello (vr1300)
El Campello/Alicante
Vrijstaande woning te koop Pueblo Español - Coveta Fumá
Coveta Fuma/Alicante

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When considering the purchase of a second home in Spain or even emigrating, we offer you complete personalized guidance. We first outline your preferences before getting started. You determine how we can support you. Here is a brief explanation of our approach:

Introduction and Intake Interview
We initially meet you personally. Buying a home or settling in Spain is a significant decision in life. We value a good conversation about it, considering it as the foundation for a good relationship. We are interested in your motivations, dreams, preferences, and specific requirements. We share our own experiences in Spain, provide information about the key steps in purchasing or emigrating, and gladly share our knowledge. Throughout the entire process, you can rely on our personal attention.

Live your dreams!

Call 0031 6 - 20 15 76 06 or email for an appointment.

Step-by-Step Plan for Purchase Guidance in Spain

Together with you, we create a plan to ensure that the purchase of your home in Spain doesn't come with unexpected surprises. We focus primarily on your preferences and utilize our experience, knowledge and professional networks to find a suitable property.

During a personal conversation, we gather your preferences. What are you looking for? Which area, city or village do you prefer? What experiences have you had in Spain so far? What type of property do you wish to find? What is your budget? What financing options are available? A thorough inventory ensures a smooth purchase process.

Depending on your needs, we provide you with extra information. This could include information about the area, the type of property, Spanish laws and regulations, or financing options. This gives you a clear picture and prevents surprises later.

Once your preferences are clear, we start the preselection of properties in your chosen area. We collaborate with builders, developers, and real estate agents in various regions of Spain. We have insights into both existing and new properties, ranging from apartments, townhouses, villas, country houses or even empty building plots. Together with you, we create a list of potential properties.

In this phase, we review financing options with you. This usually involves a combination of personal funds and obtaining a second mortgage in the Netherlands or Spain.

After a careful preselection, you visit your chosen area, and we provide you with the opportunity to view properties. We create a program in advance so you know exactly what to expect. We make appointments for you and offer expert guidance.

When finding a suitable property, we negotiate on your behalf for the best price with the selling party. While it's rarely possible to negotiate discounts for new construction, negotiations over the price are common for existing properties. Once an agreement is reached on the price, the property is reserved. In negotiations, we distinguish ourselves by making every effort to secure the best possible price for you.

If you wish to conduct due diligence on the property, you can sign a reservation agreement. Reserving the property means it is no longer available to others. You pay an amount, placed in a blocked third-party account by the selling real estate agent in Spain. During the reservation, we conduct background checks on the property in the land registry and ownership register. It's also possible to conduct a technical inspection. In many cases, a purchase contract is also signed immediately, with an additional investigation. After all, the property must be free of debts, and everything in the property must be legal and built according to the land registry.

Depending on your financial means, we can assist you in applying for a mortgage for the property in both the Netherlands and Spain. Keep in mind that in Spain, typically around 30% to 50% of the property must be financed with your own (or obtained in the Netherlands) funds.

Within a month of signing the reservation agreement, a purchase contract is drawn up, outlining the obligations of both parties. Upon signing the purchase contract, you usually pay 10% of the purchase price, reduced by earlier payments for the reservation. We then, along with the selling real estate agent or lawyer, ensure that all debts or encumbrances on the property are settled by the owner. This includes mortgage obligations, property taxes, service charges, as well as payments for phone/internet, gas, electricity and water.

Once the financing for the property is arranged, the actual transfer of the property takes place at a Spanish notary. The notary creates a deed of transfer ('escritura') ratified by all involved parties. In the case of an existing property, the transfer can take place as early as two weeks after signing the purchase contract. After signing the deed, it is registered by the notary in the property register. The completion of new construction in Spain takes between 8 and 18 months, depending on the construction project. You pay for the property during the construction phase, for example 30% at the beginning and the remaining amount upon completion. For individual construction projects, payment agreements are made with the builder. We ensure that the builder has a bank guarantee, covering the risks of non-delivery or bankruptcy for you.

When purchasing a property, you should consider the following costs: Purchase of new construction: 10% VAT. Purchase of an existing property: between 6% and 11% transfer tax, depending on the region (Costa Blanca is 10%) and sometimes the value of the property. Notary fees, registration fees, and document fees are determined by the value of the house and amount to (jointly) between 2% and 4%. As a property owner, you also pay property taxes.

We have local specialists who assist you in the handover of your new home. Even after the handover, we remain available for questions or assistance with issues regarding your property.

Rental services

Would you like to rent out your property during your absence? If you have a vacation home in Spain but live in the Netherlands or Belgium, you can rent out your property. This way, your property generates extra income without much effort on your part. We offer a rental management package that includes:

  • Preparing the Property for Rent.
  • Advertising the Property on, Airbnb, and VRBO.
  • Having Renters Sign a Lease Agreement and Requesting a Copy of Their Passport.
  • Ensuring that Renters Pay the Deposit and Cleaning Costs.
  • Welcoming Renters.
  • Collecting Cash for Bedding and Towels if Necessary.
  • Providing a Tour of the Property and Handing Over the Keys.
  • Being Available for Issues During the Rental Period.
  • Final Inspection and Checkout.
  • Cleaning Service and Preparing the Property for New Renters.
  • Keeping You Informed of the Progress.
  • If Possible, Communicating in the Renters' Language.
  • Close Collaboration with Cleaning Companies.
  • House Management Service, including:
    • Key Management.
    • Regular Checks of All Key Aspects in the House.
    • Reporting Damages with Cost Estimate for Repair.
    • Regular Ventilation of the House.

If you want to advertise on websites like, Airbnb, VRBO, you need a rental license. This license can be applied for with both the municipality and the regional government. We can help you with this application.

Sales Service

Tips and Advice for Selling a Property:

  • Home staging and decoration services. These can either be permanent or just for the photographic session. (helps your property stand out in the publicity often giving it the edge over the competition).
  • High quality virtual tour of the interior of the property for virtual visits online. (Essential marketing tool 11,000 downloads last month of our properties).
  • Professional interior exterior photography.
  • Drone photography and 360º photography of the house and area. (Helps foreign buyers especially to get their bearings, the surroundings are part of the package).
  • 2 dimensional colored floor plans of the house and plot with room dimensions and orientation/exposure of the house.
  • Video content for YouTube.
  • Exclusive marketing on luxury property portals: James Edition, Luxury Estate, Prestige property, Class & Villas etc.
  • Adverts in Class & Villas luxury Finest real estate & Luxury Lifestyle Magazine distributed in the Costa Blanca. (
  • Network distribution among 3000 real-estate members.
  • We have the capacity to buy leads should any agency or contact provide us with a lead to a potential buyer.
  • Property exhibited on digital and led displays in business premises with very high footfall.
  • Sales board on property if required.
  • Luxury business premises with strong local presence and very high footfall.
  • Trading since 1983.
  • Legal purchase and sales services included.
  • Cinematic videos including models and luxury cars.

A true estate agent never sells his own house! Emotions play a significant role in the sale and purchase of a house. When emotions come into play, sometimes wrong decisions are made. The customer is always king, in this case, the potential buyer. Most potential buyers find it unpleasant when the owner is at home or even leads the viewings. Many openly share their thoughts, ask legal questions, or inquire about renovation costs. This can pose serious obstacles to the sale. Furthermore, it is crucial later to be able to assess accurately what future buyers really want and can afford. We strive for the highest possible selling price for you.

We draw up the purchase agreement and ensure that it is composed in such a way that you don't have to worry about the sale of your property, without the risk of being held liable afterward by an unsatisfied buyer.

One house sells more easily than another. However, a combination of optimal marketing, timing, and a network is crucial for the best-selling price. It is essential to reach the right potential buyers. We advertise your property on all possible sales channels.


Do You Want to Renovate or Transform an Existing Property into a Beautiful, Modern Home? We have a professional team that can help you with this. We guide and supervise the work, so you don't have to worry about it. Our Approach:

During this phase, we discuss all your wishes and ideas for your new project. If necessary, we schedule a meeting with an architect and any other involved parties, such as contractors.

In collaboration with an architect, your ideas are incorporated into a conceptual design. The conceptual design broadly encompasses everything about the result. Specific interior components such as closets, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and the living room are custom designed. During this phase, we have regular contact with you. The plans are completed, and we then adjust if necessary. We then complete the design drawings in 3D visualizations.

Detailed Design and Tender. In the construction phase, it's all about the details. We specify all drawings to accurately capture your ideas. This is important for budgeting the project and planning the execution.

Construction, Installation, and Building. We start with construction. We will regularly be present on the construction site and supervise the progress of the construction process. This way, we guide and monitor all activities.

Delivery. We aim to make the entire process smooth and fast. Before our project is completed, we do a final check with you and create a list of any items that need attention.

If you have any specific questions or need additional information, feel free to ask.

Live your dreams!

Call 0031 6 - 20 15 76 06 or email for an appointment.


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